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Refinancing Services

Residential Refinancing Doreen

Residential Refinancing

Refinancing simply means switching from one home loan to another, the main purpose of refinancing is usually to get a lower interest rate to save on repayments. But you can also switch to a mortgage with more features such as redraw or offset, or move from interest only payments to principal and interest.

Frustrated with your current lender? Tired of hearing your friends have a better deal than you? No loyalty or even poor customer service?

Let us help you switch your mortgage!

Self-Employed Refinancing Doreen

Self-Employed Refinancing

We specialise in self-employed refinancing – proving income is a little trickier when self-employed and we can guide you through the whole process and exactly what documentation is required.

If financials are not available we also have lenders who specialise in low-documentation loans where income is verified in the form of an accountant’s declaration.

Credit Problems Doreen

Credit Problems?

We have lenders who specialise in people who have issues (for whatever reason) on their credit file. They understand the circumstances on how or why the problems may occur and lend accordingly looking at each case individually and providing a solution.

Debt Consolidation Doreen

Debt Consolidation

Weighed down with credit card bills and personal loans?? The most cost effective way to borrow money is against your home – if you have the equity in your home then clear all your other debts and have just 1 payment at the lowest interest rate!

Mortgage Broker Melbourne

Big 4 Banks have said NO!

Contrary to popular belief they are more than just 4 banks in Australia! If they have said NO to your application, let us run it through our panel of 2nd tier lenders or global banks!