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Residential Home Refinancing

Today’s mortgage market is very competitive. New types of loan features and packages are becoming available; loan interest rates vary widely too – and your current loan may not be keeping pace. In our everchanging lives, you may find that your loan no longer offers the features and flexibility that you need. Or, perhaps you have built up some equity in your home that you would like to tap into to fund home renovations or an investment property.
Switch my Mortgage can provide information and advice to help you understand what is involved in refinancing your home loan – and decide whether it is the right step for you. If it is we will navigate you through the whole process at no cost to you.

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Investment Home Refinancing

There can be many reasons to refinance an investment property – a job change influencing your financial situation, a current mortgage lender’s loan rate that isn’t keeping pace with the competitors, you want to obtain even more real estate, or perhaps some renovations. Even if there isn’t any specific reason you have in mind, it’s always worth weighing the viability of refinancing from time to time. Over the years, loan products have improved. There might be a much better deal out there.
Those considering refinancing their home should also consider how taxes play into the equation, especially with an investment property. If the loan for your investment property is borrowed against that property, you will be able to claim a deduction for any rental expenses that are incurred. So by refinancing an investment property loan, you can potentially claim yourself a sizeable tax deduction.

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Commercial Property Refinancing

You may have many reasons for refinancing a commercial mortgage, from avoiding an upcoming balloon payment to lowering your long-term interest rate. But the landscape has changed for businesses that want to work with lenders. It’s well worth knowing what your options are to improve your cash flow. So let’s look at how to go about securing an advantageous refinance.
Consider carefully why you want to refinance. If you need money in hand for repairs or improvements, you may be seeking a cash-out product. If your current loan product has an adjustable rate, which makes month-to-month cash flow projections much more difficult, you will probably want to investigate a fixed-rate loan. If you have a balloon payment coming due, you will want to refinance into a new loan to avoid that liability. Knowing what your long-term business goal is will guide you as you choose a loan product and even decide whether refinancing is cost effective or possible.
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Debt Consolidation

Personal debt can creep up on us slowly, gathering in size until it becomes a black cloud hanging over our head. The average Australian has more than one credit card and many of us are paying interest on the balance. Add to that the various types of personal loans that are available and it isn’t too difficult to find ourselves juggling several loans at once. If that sounds familiar to you then debt consolidation might be a means to minimise the impact that this debt has on your cash flow. Debt consolidation means refinancing your debt onto the lowest interest rate possible and setting up a realistic repayment plan to get it paid off!
Provided you have both a mortgage and the available equity against your home, incorporating your personal debt onto your mortgage and increasing your repayments proportionally can save you a significant amount of interest. If you can tick all those boxes, then incorporating your debt can be the most cost effective and easy on your budget.

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