Switch my Mortgage are committed to responsible lending practice. We acknowledge our obligation to market our products responsibly in line with the expectations of customers and the community. Our Principles for Doing Business form the foundation of our commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainable business practice.

We are therefore committed to: Compliance with all local legislation including the National Consumer Credit Protection Act and Code of Banking Practice in Australia. Relevant guidelines published by the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Following a loan application assessment process, which may include the use of credit scoring, credit reference agency checking and affordability verification to help assess a customer’s capacity to repay.

Helping our customers stay informed, providing them with the information they need to be confident when making financial decisions.

We are therefore committed to: Acting with integrity, following ethical and legal selling practices and giving our customers information that helps them make informed decisions about our products and services. Making reasonable enquiries about customer requirements and objectives. Assessing that any credit product we provide to a customer is not unsuitable for them.
Providing information to assist with our customers’ understanding of the risks or costs associated with product features.

Drinkwell Davies Pty Ltd
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